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Trampoline is not only a great form of fun for children

Healthy nutrition and regular exercises are the basis for a slim figure, a good mood and to reduces stress level. Why is jumping fitness gaining in popularity? Contrary to appearances, it's a really intensive cardio workout that can also save you time – 10 minutes of session on a trampoline equals 30 minutes of running!

Jumping fitness - what is it?

It is an interval training consisting of performing exercises on a one-person special trampoline, (a patented fitness trampoline) to the rhythm of music. We can single out two types of training – calm and intensive. Jumping fitness is a combination of many exercises from different sports disciplines. Calories burning occurs very quickly due to the stimulation of muscles to work quickly.

What are the results?

One of the advantages of trampoline training is that it takes place practically without strain on the joints thanks to the soft surface. Jumping Fitness will not only strengthen the muscles of the legs and abdomen, but will also have a positive effect on flexibility and coordination of movement and performance. An additional advantage is the fact that most of us can perform training on trampolines without obstacles, regardless of age and condition. Jumping fitness is an unusual form of training that releases positive energy and guarantees good fun for everyone!


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